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      Vele Samak works as the Minister for Foreign Investments in Macedonia. The views expressed here are his own personal views and not official news or opinions of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

Johnson Matthey Signs MoU with Government of Macedonia

23rd March 2007

Johnson Matthey, one of the largest producers of automotive catalysts, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Macedonia. My team and I are extremely excited to finally see this project slowly come to fruition. We have been working with JM in relative secrecy over the past several months to ensure Macedonia met and exceeded all of JM’s requirements for a new site to produce catalysts. While this is not a final decision — JM’s Board has to ratify this in July 2007 — the MoU deepens our cooperation and formalizes Macedonia as a top choice for a new plant.

With Johnson Controls already building an electronics manufacturing and assembly plant, and JM a new tenant in the free economic zone near Skopje, we are picking up momentum as a destination for manufacturing. This is especially exciting considering that JM looked at over 10 countries and 100s of sites to settle on Macedonia. It’s a combination of extremely attractive fiscal policy (0% taxes for 10 years, very low lease rate), available, inexpensive and well-qualified labor force, logistics to Western Europe and other infrastructure factors.

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One Response to “Johnson Matthey Signs MoU with Government of Macedonia”

  1. Biljana Says:

    Dear Mr. Samak

    Congratulations for bringing JM in Macedonia. Itís a really big success.
    I just discovered your blog and read your interviews in Fokus and Vreme. Very inspiring.
    I’m on a one year professional development program in US and only read about the new government actions on the Internet .
    Must say I’m very proud that you accepted the offer to come back and help in Macedonia.
    You don’t have to spear your energy explaining your motives. The action speaks for itself.
    Unfortunately there are (always were and will be) people who simply can’t understand that someone could love their own country more than the smell of money. But also there are lots of others that believe people like you could bring back the hope in Macedonia.
    Wishing you many success in your job and in promoting our country in the world.
    You will need a lot of energy and nerves. Especially with the journalists. Even dough I’m one of them. I work as a business journalist in business weekly Kapital.

    Warmest wishes

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