First week of my final spring semester at Wharton is over. Auction’s are almost done and I hope to have my final set of courses nailed. This was a particular dilemma considerring that a lot of good electives this semester are slotted for the precious 12pm-4:30pm slots. Almost too many of them. I guess profs decided to sleep late this semester and opted for later slots which creates a scheduling and thus auction nightmare. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get two very good courses that I really wanted to have: Entrepreneurship through acquisition and Negotiations. The first one it thaught M-W 3-6pm, by a great prof who’s also a practitioner. Unfortunately, this clashes with my required marketing courses. The other course is offered in many slots, but the most desirable section by the legendary prof. Diamond on Fridays went out for over 9k points. I missed it a couple of times by a little and then it’s too late because once in, you don’t want to sell, especially if you are a 2nd year with over 10k points left and no more semesters.

That was the other problem this semester. For some reason, speculation, cheap courses or luck, many, many 2nd year students ended up with well over 10k points. Some even bid 35k on a course. This is only possible if you have that many points!!! But what’s the point, we’ll be done in May and out of here. Too bad you can’t transfer those points to some 1st years for $$$. That would make a nice contribution to our burgeoning student loans whose debt/gdp (income) ratio is starting to rival a number of 3rd world countries.

So, come next week I have to drop one of two OPIM (operations, that is) classes that I don’t like.

On the bright side, the Wharton Tech Conference is going super smooth! I had an exec and panel meeting this week and was impressed at how well this conference is coming together. We only need about 10 panelists and a the logistics are coming together nicely with strong media coverage. Awesome, I’m very excited about this.

On a potentially interesting side, I decided to run PR for over the next few months during what’s looking out to be a critical stage in the business. The Daily Pennsylvanian wrote an article on Terrapass this past Wed and we are expecting greater coverage over the next few weeks. This is going to be very exciting.
Stay tuned!