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Month: September 2006

On my way to Macedonia…

I hate moving! I have moved every year since 2003. First it was Jersey City to Philadelphia in 2003. This was a smooth move. First long distance family move, but smooth! Then, we changed buildings in Center City in 2004. Savings on rent, energy costs, conveniences, bugs, long story. Then we moved to and from Seattle during the summer. Then last year we made the biggest move yet, Philadelphia to Seattle, courtesy of Microsoft. Very smooth move, despite over $6500 in losses and damage, all because of enormouse help provided by Microsoft. And now, we’re moving to Macedonia. It’s the longest distance move ever, but with the smallest of things. Mostly packing clothes, immediate necessities and some books, and not to forget our snowboards and skiing equipment.

I’m physched about snowboarding in Macedonia this winter! That and the new job are keeping me sane. My family on the other hand…they are bearing the brunt of the sacrifice, but we’re all optimistic. We’re just anxious to get there and resume our lives.

Did I mention I hate moving? What do you do to keep you sane during such moves?

End of an era (or 1 year)


I just resigned from Microsoft. It feels a bit weird given I’ve been there only 14 months (17 if you count my internship). It’s definitely the strangest resignation I’ve had (and I’ve had only 2). I’m a bit saddened because I’m leaving a great group of people and an excellent team behind.

The great news is that I’m heading to an amazing and very exciting new opportunity: Minister for Foreign Investments for Macedonia.

How do you market a country?

How do you enable economic growth without any resources at your disposal?

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