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On my way to Macedonia…

I hate moving! I have moved every year since 2003. First it was Jersey City to Philadelphia in 2003. This was a smooth move. First long distance family move, but smooth! Then, we changed buildings in Center City in 2004. Savings on rent, energy costs, conveniences, bugs, long story. Then we moved to and from Seattle during the summer. Then last year we made the biggest move yet, Philadelphia to Seattle, courtesy of Microsoft. Very smooth move, despite over $6500 in losses and damage, all because of enormouse help provided by Microsoft. And now, we’re moving to Macedonia. It’s the longest distance move ever, but with the smallest of things. Mostly packing clothes, immediate necessities and some books, and not to forget our snowboards and skiing equipment.

I’m physched about snowboarding in Macedonia this winter! That and the new job are keeping me sane. My family on the other hand…they are bearing the brunt of the sacrifice, but we’re all optimistic. We’re just anxious to get there and resume our lives.

Did I mention I hate moving? What do you do to keep you sane during such moves?


  1. Dimitar


    Ne mozejki da najdam e-mail adresa ostavam komentar na blogot za kontakt…Imame ista strast-digitalna fotografija so taa razlika sto jas sakam da fotografiram knigi i da gi pravam so full text search. Objasnuvanjeto za toa koj sum i sto sum napravil dosega-sleduva podolu…nedostigaat atachementite…

    My name is Poposki Dimitar and I am a university librarian currently working at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje, Macedonia. My current situation is probably the worst in this 5 years since I’ve been here. I find the Dean of the Faculty and the Head of my Department the biggest problem for my proffesional carreer and I need to change my working place.

    A year ago I have returned from my one-year stay in US where I was granted with scholarship from the US Department of State in the Junior Faculty Development Program in the field of Library and Information Science at Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey ( I was visiting scholar for 2 semesters at Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey ( the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies ( and my advisor there was prof. Tefko Saracevic ( )

    My main focus and research is Digital Libraries and Optical Character Recognition.

    During my stay in USA, I have conducted a research at the Scholarly Communication Centre ( ). My main interest and passion is Optical Character Recognition of Rare Books and Special Collections.

    In addition, I am sending you the screenshot of my final project J. Milton’s book “The Grand case of Conscience” from 17-th century from the Alexander’s Library Specials Collections owned by Rutgers. Please have in mind that the book in full text searchable in Modern English but it’s written in Old English Language.

    Attached is the sample of most important book in the history of my country (Krste Petkov-Misirkov “Za Makedonskite raboti” 1903) that I have recently digitalized. It has the same features as the above mentioned book. The book is written in Cyrillic and some Latin characters but it can be fully text searched in Cyrillic only!

    While a go I have done a sample brochure for Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis in Amsterdam. I consider the brochure to be of my best works so far having in mind that it’s fully text searchable and compressed from 400MB to less than 800kb!

    Andre Mazon sample (the book is from 1936) is made for the Macedonian Academy for Sciences and Arts and it’s quite interesting: 2 languages (Macedonian and French) included with full text search. The one page scan was 10 MB, the PDF is just 53 kb!

    Also, please find attached my CV, Diplomas and Certificates and some of my recent research including old Church-Slovenian languages and use of digital camera.

    Please have in mind that the minimum resolution for OCR is 150 dpi and most of my work is done with digital camera with only 72 dpi! You are looking at the future of OCR – right here – right now!

    With my active participation at LIBRARIES IN THE DIGITAL AGE (LIDA) 2006 Dubrovnik and Mljet, Croatia 29 May – 3 June 2006 conference ( ) I have won Second place at the posters session for Professional Achievement for my work in the field of OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

    At the end, I must thank you for your time. If you find some professional contacts or just forward my e-mail to anyone who might be related to my professional interests or a project/job offer (Master or PhD fellowships) I will be more than grateful.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions – I will be more than happy to answer.

    With my warmest friendly regards,

    Poposki Dimitar

    OCR Specialist for Rare Books and Special Collections

    US Department of State Alumni
    Junior Faculty Development Program

    Vasil Djorgov 28/16
    1000 Skopje

    Work: +389 2 3240-492
    Fax: +389 2 3223-811
    Home: +389 2 3230-604
    Mobile: +389 75 855540



    It is nice to know that someone is ready to quit the much praised ‘American dream‘ to come here, to Macedonia, undertaking quite daring job in such illogical (in economic and much of any other term) external and internal macro and micro environment. I will grant myself the liberty to quote, as fallows: “May the force be with you”!

    Indeed, I have read your article on “Blowing my cover: Lindsay Moran as an asshole CIA agent in Macedonia” and I must say that I was not surprised to see/confirm that there are people that while writing their “research paper” do not quite get the essence, although their work is published. I have had very similar and harsh personal experience while doing my Master of Arts at the best institution in the world on the European Affairs (College of Europe ) in the area of Single Market. Thus, as I continued to persist on total and unconditional recognition of my identity and hence my country’s right to “be”, I must say it was quite insupportable to consider the thoughts coming from the so-called “experts”. I will give you the content of the correspondence that I had after leaving the conference in rage, shouting, not wanting to agree on the argued:
    [“ The bottom line is that the Balkans is as you know still to be first and foremost ‘cleared historically’ – the history is written by the victorious – ‘we’ have survived and therefore my ‘kind’ must confirm its right to have roots, different then claimed.
    My reaction was a clear statement and indeed we are in an institution of high importance – me, you, the Balkan people understand and know all about the state formation concepts (I grew up in such environment – might as well I react upon ‘patriotic’ bias and fortify my positions in defend/attack stratagem upon the irrational claims in “ what was/is I, the Macedonian”…
    But, they (the others, the decision-makers, the future technocrats of the EU) do not understand, do not want to or just want easy way out and take what is offered- and thus they will certainly shape my future from a position of might with the knowledge they acquired here, there, elsewhere.
    Therefore, if I do not react – who would?
    The future is to those who react upon told.
    “The reasonable adjust to the world,
    The unreasonable want to adjust the world to themselves.
    ->>> the progress of the world comes because of the unreasonable.” ]

    So, that is just a bit of what I had in mind … of course I would be delighted if my ‘short’ notice here is of importance.

    I hope that everything will be fine for you in time/space terms while logically projecting the bright idea of being.

    Je vous remercier infiniment d’avance pour votre attention portée à ma lettre.



    (02:41h, 08.Oct.2006)

  3. Helen

    Hi Vele! Moving is fun! I myself move from one country to another every 3 years (on average). Leaving the States is not easy (been there done that), but as long as you are sure about your next move things will just go surprisingly smoothly.

    Hope you are doing well in Macedonia (I was googling some info about this country and found your site). By the way, did I tell you I was in one of your classes back in SMC?

    Best of Luck.

  4. Vele

    A classmate from SMC, wow?! Hi Helen!
    I just drove by SMC today on my way to San Diego. It brings back memories. I hope I can remember which class…

    Thanks for the note!
    Best from San Diego

  5. Mia25

    First of all,welcome sir.I know I’m a bit late,but hey, better late than never,right?:))I read what u wrote about how u hate moving and stuff,but I for one am very pleased that u came back here.I just started reading the things on this website,and it’s interesting to me,so I’ll keep doing that.PS.Hope to run into u in Skopje.Best wishes:))

  6. sara



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