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New portal for my work at

Finally, after months of distractions, I’ve put more effort to make my portal at look up to date. I’ve included most of the key items to drive information to the right audiences. When I looked at the value-added to this, I started from the audience: foreign companies I’m currently targeting, foreign companies looking for more info on Macedonia, local Macedonian companies who want to meet foreign partners, job candidates, and finally the usual press and others.

The model for the site were the top-5 strategy consulting firms, VC firms and other PE shops. What we do, provide business and investment opportunities to foreign companies in Macedonia, is very similar to these sites. We have a small, but very active team of analysts, for which we always recruit. We target some of the largest manufacturing and service companies by employing consultative approach. Companies often are interested to identify Macedonian suppliers or partners. Furthermore, there is a need to understand the general competitiveness of Macedonia, ie, where we do and where we can’t help. Macedonia is as competitive as China in manufacturing today, and as competitive as India in outsourcing. Finally, we provide information on our past and future target visits, interviews and press activities.

I believe we still have some work and improvement to provide to the site. It should be a big help to various audiences to get in touch with us. Please check it out and see if there are any suggestions.



  1. Vele

    So, why did you change this thing? I mean…this could be a great portal…whatever…just a test

    • Vele

      Hey Dude, why haven’t you written anything since!

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