I decided to compile some of my photos into a new gallery called Various Uncategorized Photos. This is an ongoing work-in-progress and may result in changes over time. Over the past couple of years, out of the thousands of photographs that I have accumulated, dozens of them have been worthy of publishing. However, I have managed to print most of them, but due to time constraints and the eternal quest for perfection, I put off the time to create a gallery. Instead of continual tinkering, I decided to pull some of my best finished work and publish it.

Among these photographs include my fall foliage tour of the Shawangunk Mountains near New Paltz, New York in the Fall of 2002. The prints from these photos are stunning with the rich colors of the region. Include is also my lucky photograph from the sunset at Big Sur. On an 11×16 print, this photograph shows incredible detail especially from my trusty D-60.

So, go over to to my site and check it out. Comments are welcome.