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      Vele Samak works as the Minister for Foreign Investments in Macedonia. The views expressed here are his own personal views and not official news or opinions of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

End of an era (or 1 year)

14th September 2006

I just resigned from Microsoft. It feels a bit weird given Iíve been there only 14 months (17 if you count my internship). Itís definitely the strangest resignation Iíve had (and I’ve had only 2). Iím a bit saddened because Iím leaving a great group of people and an excellent team behind.

The great news is that Iím heading to an amazing†and very exciting new opportunity: Minister for Foreign Investments for Macedonia.

How do you market a country?

How do you enable economic growth without any resources at your disposal?

5 Responses to “End of an era (or 1 year)”

  1. Aleksandar Blagoevski-Trazoff Says:

    Perhaps there is help on the way, Mr. Samak…

    We do hope your transition is smooth, and perhaps we just may be doing a small thing to help.

    This is a part of our CSR activities - .

    Best regards,


  2. Goran Doncev Says:

    Creating a national network of people is key, I think.
    That is how you start buiding resources.

  3. Goran Doncev Says:

    Creating a national network of people is key, I think.
    That is how you start building resources.

  4. Julijana Says:

    Congratulations with your new position!

    I have just recently realized the changes in Macedonia and think it is fantastic that the country has this focus on attracting foreign investments. I am very interested in the future developments and will definitely keep myself updated until I graduate (and can actually consider setting up my own business there). :) Are there any other sites sites than ‘’ that are good information sources? Thank you!


  5. SARA Says:


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