The venture had a final presentation to a group of entrepreneurs and VCs on Thursday. We presented an entire business plan in a very unorthodox way: 14 teams presented 1-2 slides each that covered everything, from concept and branding, to certification, sales, web marketing and business planing. I presented for my team the public relations strategy. We are published in the Wharton Journal so far and we are expecting coverage in the Daily Pennsylvanian soon. The key message: people feel good about themselves and their cars when they buy a Terrapass that offsets the CO2 emissions from the cars. Finally, an tool that empowers individuals to clean up after their cars for mere $50 per year.

The feedback from the audience was very valuable: they were very impressed by the speed and the amount of accomplishemnt that was made. With the usual questions and advice on strategy, we felt that we did an awesome job that will continue to validate itself over the next few months. When do you get a chance to learn about solving problems, create a business along the way, and present to an audience of potential funders just before finals?