Wow, hard to believe but only a few courses stand between me and my graduation: Pricing Policy with Prof. Raju, Operations and Marketing by Cachon and Hoch, Channel Management, Adv Corp Finance and Dynamic Competition. All classes are turning out to be quite good. I especially like Prof. Raju’s style of cold calling during his lectures. I’m not a huge fan of lectures in business school. They are required in small instances, but I think the case method is far more valuable because it reinforces mental tools that will be most needed after b-school. However, Prof. Raju has a list of students for cold calling each class, plus with a slight humor make his lectures enjoyable and useful. Many lectures at Wharton, sadly, can easily deteriorate due to poor participation from the class or dry presentation style. This one is an exception. Come to think of it Prof. Itay’s Adv Corp Fin is also an exception because so many students are interested in corp finance at Wharton that his lectures are hardly boring and well paced.