I’m having issues with my Vonage (had it since Nov 2003, with rare problems). I double- and tripple-checked my settings, but none of my incoming calls goes to the voicemail.

Problem: I’m set to have v/m after 20 secs of rings, and forwarding to my cell after 50 secs if unanswered, just in case or network is down. Still, all calls go to my cell after 50 secs.

Problem: I get occassional rings on my home phone (siemens, cordless gigaset 4000). No phone number, or caller id, just a ring, it lasts for 10 secs, then goes away. If I pick it up, no answer, just dial tone, like nothing happened. I feel like aliens are trying to talk to me, but they haven’t figured out VoIP.

Now, after 27 mins on hold for tech support, finally I get a live person, Yipy!
will keep you posted.