Hm, let’s see how this works, after 25 minutes waiting for a live person:

9:13pm Vonage tech support answers, guys pokes around and wonders if my cell phone picks up its own voice mail, well, duh! but that’s not my problem, my problem’s why doesn’t vonage’s voice mail answer..

9:16pm he’s calling me to see how this thingy works, i’m hold with horrible rock muzak that’s all high tones and no bass (argh)

9:18pm call waiting is beeping…that’s him calling to test it…more annoying than bad rock muzak? bad rock muzak with call waiting beeps every 2 sec.

9:19pm yep, my cell phone rings, the forward’s still on, no vonage voicemail,

9:22pm wait a minute, I get a vmail notification from vonage. it must work then. He explains the way it really works: call forwarding happens first, if no answer after 50 secs, then forwards to my cell, and if no answer for 10 secs, it sends to vonage voicemail. Aha! That’s it, the timings are in sequence and not parallel like I thought, because this is how the settings are shown on

Is set to ring for 50 seconds before being forwarded to 1XXXXXXXXX
If your number is busy or unanswered for 10 seconds, the call will forward to Voicemail.

this is basically a usability issue. Presenting information is critical here. If you can’t display all information in sequence, vonage needs to add a graphical arrow to show the sequential process of the timing of forwarding and voicemail settings. I made suggestion to fix the presentation layer on the webpage

9:25pm finally resolved issue, agrees to submit suggestion

9:25pm explained the phantom rings issue, he finds it strange

9:27pm on hold while investigates phantom rings issue…

9:30pm he says they shouldn’t occur because of VoIP, but they can occur in analog because of line noise, suggests that because my netgear router is the main firewall it may cause some noise. I find it hard to believe, but it could very well be comcast or others sending random packets to my the voip ports for vonage

9:34pm suggests I reboot my motorola adapter or do a factory reset, I promise to do it later because I’m on the vonage line right now…

9:39pm all done, if phantom rings persist, aliens must think I’m the chosen one, if so, then send email.

not bad for a rare call to vonage. so far I’ve had no complaints from them