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Milton Friedman’s influence

I read today that Milton Friedman died. One of the truly great economic minds and the person whose writings were most influential on my decision to study economics at the University of Chicago. I used to read in great detail his seminal works and admired his ability to delve in technical economic work and consicely present the arguments for monetary policy understandable to everyday people. This was even before I started at Chicago while I prepared for economics at the Santa Monica College. New students of economics should definitely read his books such as: Capitalism and Freedom, Price Theory, and The Road to Serfdom (only intro), among others.

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  1. Tomislav

    I am student on Economics at K.M Uni in Skopje, i got intrested in this book’s, too bad they are not avalidible for us in Macedonia.
    Can u give a link or write all the literature that you used during your studies? ty

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